“Tropical Paradise” is not for everyone, but it's for everyone who allows Thailand to be just as it should be.
Thai Sabai Sabai
(translation) Thailand; Everything is Relaxed and Fine as it Should be.

Do you want to step out of your comfort zone to see and appreciate the best and worst of “Tropical Paradise”?  Here are some things to consider or reconsider if this is a good fit for you.

Tropical paradise has bugs!  Yes, tropical paradise has bugs!  It is normal for bugs to fly in/out of open doors and windows. Geckos also come inside to visit and eat bugs. Monkeys, Lizards, Snakes, Eagles and others have been sighted and heard in the jungle behind the house. Enjoy the wildlife and keep screens closed if you want them to stay OUT. All of Thailand has mosquito’s especially in the early am and pm. It is best to cover your skin and/or wear insect repellant during those times.

'Remote' means it will be harder to get there: The transport to Thongnaipan is improving every year. Longtail House was built on this bay is because it was remote, quiet and hard to find which keeps many people away and the bay a "hidden jewel". The road has been under construction the last few years, a challenge at times and an adventure as well; it depends on your attitude. If you cannot tolerate transport 30-40 minutes over a bumpy and hilly road, or the possibility of a short delay while crews are working to improve the road, then you might reconsider.  Coming and going to the main town of Thongsala pier is tiring if you do it often. Scheduled taxis leave TNP bay 2 times a day (10am, 3pm) or private taxi at any time. Getting back to the bay after 4pm will be a bit more expensive. 

Power cuts happen on an island: When you stay on an island, you are relying on electricity coming from the mainland under the sea, to get to the house. Power cuts also happen when there are heavy winds or rains which can damage the power poles and lines from falling tree limbs. The roads are both dirt and concrete over mountains and through the jungle. Getting to power lines is a challenge for the electricity company and at times the power can be out for several hours.  Thailand is quickly becoming a developing country but still has some catching up, to make it modern and we kind of like it that way.

Noise Pollution:  Power cuts are not frequent but when it happens, it’s usually just a short time and mostly in the rainy season or when they are working on the road. Power from a generator is provided for our guests, so that the house can operate in full function with air-conditioning, hot showers and refrigeration. The noise from the generator (located across the street from the house) can be disturbing. 
As the road is improving to TNP bay, the day-trip explorers are increasing as well. Expect more motorbike traffic to pass by the house during the high seasons.  If listening to the sound of a generator during a power cut, or a motorbike passing by is a 'deal-breaker' for you, consider a different place.

World Wide Web of Technology: Free WI-Fi is available in the house.  Remember, the house is on a remote beach on a remote island so it is common to run slow sometimes or lose the signal on occasion. Normally it will be back within 15 minutes. If the internet is out for many hours, notify the resort manager. Be patient and consider purchasing a bluetooth devise or 3G package for a phone connection if you are on a working holiday. Cellular phone service is pretty constant. I welcome a break from the tangled web of technology and go to the beach instead. Remember, we are on a holiday.

Sabai Sabai Thai: Language can be a barrier for everyone. Most Thai’s can speak 100% better English than you can speak Thai and we are so grateful for that!  Please don't get upset with the locals who are trying to understand English accents from numerous different parts of the world. Remember, we are in their country and not speaking their language; instead they are trying to speak ours.  We recommend learning 5 greetings/phrases so that you will make friends with the locals. They appreciate your bad spoken Thai more than you know. Miscommunications will be inevitable but when struggling with the language, try sign or drawing and remember to carry maps. Always respect the local language and culture; you are a guest in their country.

Home vrs. Hotel: Longtail Beach House is a “House” not a "Hotel" or "Bed and Breakfast."  Guests will need to provide their own food, eat at nearby restaurants or have Longtail Restaurant deliver meals to the house. There are many advantages to staying in a Home instead of a Hotel, but this may not be your style.  Along with these advantages, guests take some additional responsibilities. IE:  Housekeeping will visit the house every 3 days to change linens where a hotel will make your bed every day.  The nearby resort has a 15 hour reception desk where a hotel has 24 hour assistance. 
PS: The reception services at nearby Longtail Beach Resort are at no additional charge, so please be kind and patient with their small staff. Resort staff have generously offered to help our house guests with taxi, travel, tours and questions but check around at the local travel agents for more detailed information.  If you need 24 hour assistance and assurance during your travels, you may want to stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel with all the amenities included.

Weather…you like it or not? A perfect postcard holiday shows blue skies and turquoise waters, but the reality is rain makes a tropical island lush and green. It has to rain sometimes and unfortunately, we cannot control the weather for your holiday. Expect some rain and some shine during your stay. We have experienced record rainfall during dry season and full sunny skies during rainy season. Climate change reminds us to expect the unexpected. Longtail Beach House is a great place to watch the colorful clouds, lightening and rainfall as storms hover over the mountains and sea. Curl up in a hammock with a book and a cup of tea and enjoy the show. Rain and wind can affect the transport, slowing down ferries and making the road muddy. If you have to travel on a stormy day, leave a bit early to make connections. If the idea of being in a semi-secluded place during a storm frightens you, consider staying closer to cities.

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