CHECK-IN Information

Check- in instructions and House Manual
Where: By boat to Ko Phangan island/ Thong Sala town/ pier.
Transfer to truck taxi over mountain to Thong Nai Pan Yai beach/ Longtail Beach Resort&House.
How: Taxi Pick-up at the Pier
It’s always nice to have a soft landing upon arrival. If you don’t want to haggle your way to the bay, arrange your pick up at the pier in advance. Or you can catch any taxi available from Thongsala town on your own, but we do not guarantee price or availability.
HOW: Two days in advance or as soon as you know the Time and Boat Name that you will be arriving to Thong Sala Pier, email or call Longtail Beach Resort and they can have a taxi pick you up at the pier and deliver you to the house. Expect the trip from ThongSala town to Thong Nai Pan-Yai beach to be about 30-40 minutes over a mountain road. Pay the taxi driver directly and expect to pay aproximately 200 THB per person. Taxis before/after regular hours (9am-4pm) will be more expensive.  (Longtail Beach Resort email:
Check in/out:
You need to leave one passport or a copy of your passport with Reception throughout your stay. Item are returned after house inspection, when you check out. Check-in time is after 14:00 pm. Check out time is at 12:00 noon. Late and early check-in/out can be arranged when/if the house is available. We are always happy to accommodate when we can.

Payment:  In most cases, you would have already paid a 25%-50% deposit before you arrive. The full balance is due upon your arrival when you check-in at reception. Payment is accepted in Thai Baht currency. (No US Dollars) If you reserved on AirBnB or HomeAway, your payment schedule will be set accordingly.

Keys: You will receive one set of keys. If the keys are lost, there will be a 300 bht charge to replace them. Return the keys to staff before leaving.

Water: A large water for drinking/cooking is provided and re-fill pitchers in the refrigerator  If you want to purchase smaller water bottles, you can but please recycle the containers at the resort.

Smoking: Please smoke outside 
Hammocks: Maximum weight capacity for hammocks is 115 kg/ 250 lbs. Swing at your own risk
House Supply List: Review the ‘house supply list’ when you arrive to become familiar with the house contents. If there is anything missing from the list, please notify the Longtail Beach Resort staff.
Candles/Fire: NO candles or fire! Take extreme care with incense. Absolutely NO Fireworks. You are staying in a wooden structure that has some thatch roofing. You will be held responsible for any damage to the house/furniture/contents from fire, cigarette or incense burns.
Children: We welcome your children and want them to stay safe. Watch children at all times, especially outdoors as the balcony is high up and wildlife is unpredictable. The balcony is inclosed but the stairs do not have baby gates.  You will be responsible for any damage to walls, screens and house contents.
Dishes: You are responsible for washing your own dishes daily and upon check-out.
Toilet: Please put ALL toilet paper/ sanitary napkins etc. in the Bin. (Thai water systems are not suitable to flush foreign objects) Avoid uncomfortable problems and USE the BIN!
Housekeeping: Housekeeping can service the house every 3 days at no charge to you. Housekeeping will sweep the floors, clean the bathroom and provide clean sheets and towels. Tell the Longtail Beach Resort Reception when you are ready to have the house cleaned and give the the keys. Wash your own dishes before checking out.
Air Condition: Air Conditioning is available in the back bedrooms and included for reservations booked after March 15, 2017. Keep windows and doors CLOSED when in use and turn off air-con when you leave the house.
Garbage: Please put bathroom and kitchen garbage in sealed black bags provided and remove to the bin outside at the bottom of stairs. Housekeeping will remove it frequently.
Restaurant Take Away: A full restaurant menu is available for take-away from Longtail Beach Resort.  Ask for the current delivery rates. Return the Longtail dishes to the resort the same/next day. Longtail Beach Resort phone#: (0) 77445018  (last order by 9:00 pm)  
Maintenance: Expect to see maintenance people who take care of the gardens, check the water and do small repairs when necessary. Notify the staff if you notice something that needs maintenance.
Travel/Tour: See Longtail Beach Resort for basic information about Tours/Activities.  See Paan Travel on the main road for onward transport/travel ticketing. See the Free Phangan.Info guide book and Thongnaipan Yai Map for answers to most common questions re: travel, activities, schedules and contact phone numbers.
Taxi: A regular Taxi normally leaves Longtail Resort at 10am and 3pm to ThongSala town/pier. Notify reception to confirm if you want to go. Expect to pay 200 THB per person one-way.
Taxi back to TNP can be arranged by yourself in town, but expect to wait until they have enough people to go and higher prices after 4 pm. Private taxis to Thonsala town/pier are around 800+ THB depending on the time of day.
Laundry: Longtail Beach Resort can have your personal laundry washed for an additional fee. Please take your laundry to the reception for this service.
Internet: Free WI-Fi is available in the house.  Remember, it's a remote island so it's common to lose the signal sometimes and not run top speed.  Normally it will be back within 15 minutes. If the internet is out for many hours, please notify the resort manager. Be patient and consider purchasing a blue tooth devise or a 3G package for a phone connection if you are on a working holiday. Thai SIM cards can be purchased at 711 and in Thongsala town.
*Internet will be turned off when/if there is a chance of storms or lightening.

Books: Books, magazines & cards are provided. Leave marked BB Longtail House books at the house.

Quiet time: Respect the neighbors and keep your noise down.  The house must remain quiet after 11pm. Keep Music at a reasonable level and off after 11pm.
Wildlife: Yes, tropical paradise has bugs!  It is normal for bugs to fly in/out of open doors and windows. Geckos also come inside to visit and eat bugs. Monkeys, Lizards, Snakes, Eagles and others have been sighted and heard in the jungle behind you. Enjoy the wildlife and keep the screens closed if you want them to stay OUT. Do not feed or keep any pets or animals near the house. 
*Notify the Longtail Resort manager immediately if you see signs of unwelcome animals inside or if you see injured animals.
Culture: Although Thailand can feel like a ‘Big Playground’ please respect the Thai people and cultures. See your guide book for Do’s/Don’ts in Thailand.
*General Rule: “If you would not do it at home, do not think it is ok to do it here.” 
Illegal Drugs: Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking illegal drugs in Thailand are severe. Respect the laws and protect yourself.
Community: We want to remind you that  Thongnaipan  is not just a Resort Beach; this is a community of families who have made a life servicing your needs.  In addition to a beautiful beach, ThongNaiPan also has a Buddhist Temple, Elementary School, Local Fishermen and Nursing Clinics. It’s important to appreciate the local people who work to make your paradise perfect.